Hair Texture Guide

Hair Texture Guide

Understanding hair textures 

If you want to start prioritizing your hair care routine to have the luscious locks you’ve always wanted, you first need to understand your hair texture. 

There are four main types of hair textures: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Your hair texture is based on the shape of the individual follicle. Chances are, you may have a head of hair that has more than one type of follicle pattern. Some hair follicles may have more of a curl, and others might have more of a wave. It’s completely normal! 

Each hair texture is labeled like this: Straight is Type 1, Wavy is Type 2, Curly is Type 3, and Coily is Type 4. There are also different subclassifications for each hair type that range from A to C.

How to find your hair texture

The best way to find your natural hair texture is by watching it dry after you wash your hair. If it dries straight, you probably have straight hair. If it dries with a loose curve or S-shape, you probably have wavy hair. If it dries in a more defined S shape or a loop pattern, you probably have curly hair. Lastly, if it dries in a Z pattern or a tight-knit curl, you probably have coily hair. 

The different hair textures

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Straight Hair

Type 1 hair is sleek, chic, and flirty. This hair texture refers to hair that has a no-curl pattern. Naturally, straight hair is the strongest hair type, which means it doesn't break easily and tends to grow quicker. 

You may feel like you typically have an oily hair texture. That’s because the oil produced by your scalp can easily work its way down to the ends of your hair quicker than wavy or curly hair. 

Styling Tip:

If your hair is pin-straight, it may be challenging to style. We recommend using products that will add some volume to your hair, to make it easier to style with your go-to tools. Our Body Breakthrough uses lightweight plumping technology that can help add volume, create fullness, and leave your hair with impeccable shine.

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Wavy Hair

A happy middle: type 2 hair is known to have a loose S wave that's similar to curly hair but has a less defined curl pattern. Some wavy hair is more closely related to straight hair, and some are more similar to curly hair. You may also have a combination of more than one type of hair texture. This is why you get straight pieces on the top with more defined curls underneath. 

Styling Tip:

Wavy hair is known to be prone to frizz, especially when it’s humid outside. This means you’ll need a product that can help you tame the mane and give your waves a sleek, finished shine. Our Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hair Spray is formulated to help protect your natural waves from outside factors and provide you with an all-day hold. 

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Curly Hair 

Type 3 hair has a more defined S shape that is full-bodied and fun! Curly hair comes in a wide array of curl sizes and textures. From more defined, tight-fit curl patterns to loose and wavy. 

Styling Tip: 

To get the perfect naturally curly-haired look, you’ll need the right products. However, depending on how dense your curls are, you’ll want to be careful not to apply too much product to avoid weighing down your curls more. We recommend something lightweight and easy to use for frizz control. Try our Well Behaved Anti-Frizz Cream Serum: the formula is lightweight, so you can use it before or after you finish styling your hair and not have to worry about an unwanted greasy look. 

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Coily Hair

Type 4 takes curly hair to the next level. The pattern of the follicle is typically in a Z or zig-zag pattern. Each strand tends to be fragile and is prone to breakage and damage.

Styling Tips:

To keep your Coily hair nice and beautiful, you’ll need to be careful with the type of products you use. Since your hair is fragile and more prone to damage, we recommend staying away from harsh chemicals and to use your fingers when you need to detangle. You’ll also want to avoid heat as much as you can, so you can maintain the natural beauty and elegance of the Coily follicles. To tame your beautiful mane, you’ll want to use a leave-in hair conditioner, like our High Spirited leave in conditioner