How to Treat an Oily Scalp

How to Treat an Oily Scalp

If your hair is always excessively oily and it is showing, don’t ignore the warning signs. Your hair is trying to tell you something! The oils on your scalp produce sebum. Sebum is a naturally recurring oil that helps keep your skin hydrated and keeps your hair from feeling like straw. However, sometimes our scalp tends to take it too far. 

The amount of oil our scalp produces changes over time, so don’t panic if your scalp has been overly oily lately! 

Here's everything you need to know:

What exactly is sebum?

From our face to our feet: The oil glands that secrete sebum are found all over our bodies. Sebum is a natural moisturizer needed to maintain balance and lock in moisture. It helps soften the skin and hair and protects us from bacterial and fungal infections. 

The relationship between your hair and sebum

Fine and straight hair is typically more prone to oiliness. This is because you most likely don’t have enough hair to fully absorb the sebum that your scalp produces. This means the oil can travel fast from your root to your ends, leaving you with an all-over oily look and feel. 

Individuals with curly hair often complain about oily scalps more because there are more curls the oil needs to fight through to get to the bottom.

How to combat oily hair

Take a cold shower

If you’re someone who loves a steaming hot shower, we have some bad news for you. Those hot showers could be what's stimulating your sebaceous glands and encouraging the overproduction of sebum. Instead, try rinsing your hair with cool water. 

This can help close your hair cuticle and prevent the glands from working overtime. You can also use a scalp massage brush to help evenly distribute the oils throughout your hair while in the shower. 

Avoid shampooing your hair every day

If you’re washing your hair with shampoo daily, it could be the reason you’re seeing an uptick in oil production. The ingredients in shampoo strip your scalp from the sebum, and your glands get to work trying to replenish the lost oil as quickly as they can. It’s a cycle you need to break to get back to normal!

Use a hair purifier 

Sometimes, our hair is oily because of an imbalance. This can be caused by ongoing product build-up or certain hair care products that don't play nice with your hair. A hair purifier will literally purify your scalp. 

Our Hair Purifier Cleansing Mask contains natural fruit vinegar that gently cleanses the hair and scalp while replenishing essential moisture. It also has an Exclusive Prisma Plus Enhancing Complex, which will help boost shine and keep your hair vibrant and luscious.

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Go easy on the conditioner 

When you go too heavy on the conditioner, it can weigh your hair down and leave it looking and feeling greasy. Instead, selectively apply it to the ends of your hair, work your way up the hair shaft, and ensure you thoroughly rinse your hair when you're done. 

Don't worry: the natural oils will take care of your scalp just fine!

Look, but don't touch!

If you play with your hair too much, you risk transferring skin oils to your lovely locks. Avoid scratching your head, running your fingers through your hair, and twirling your locks on your finger. 

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